• Blowhole, rough sea wouldn’t like to be out there in that weather. Mia & Liam at tessellated pavement. Looking down the the south east coast. Amazing sunset from Hobart yes I told you I love a sunset . Water feature in Salamanca place .  Oh we all love a good sunset. The train has shops in it. Was a lovely walk around. Looking onto Bruny Island . This is a sad close as we got hence we are returning in summer. The size of this tree is huge walking in the rain / mud at Mount Field. Did the complete 2.5 hr walk around all the waterfalls .  I just loved this place. Bicheno ♥️? The colours are amazing , the kelp is taken a pic of washed up on the beach as is. The whitest sand, bluest ocean, orange algae on the rocks , the blowhole, the craft made in town, just loved it .

The town of lower crackpot, tazmazia what a great place. Fantastic sense of humor , we free camped at the base of Mt Rowland. Drove the bus up through there too, purely by mistake ? But she made it and it’s 1 hell of a climb. Kids are at the school of parallels & old ladies shoe.  Another tick done for the kids wish list. Seeing a tassie devil not only seen one. We held it too ? White lions being fed. Great day out.  Rivulet, this is the original Rickey that carried drinking water from the mountains to Hobart. The city then built over it. It’s not open for tours anymore but ever at own risk, so we did ? This was a wish of myne. Free camping at Franklin on the river magic spot. A day visit to Geeveston loved this town if only it was by the sea.