Tassie bound. 6/1/17

Wooden Boat festival is run in Hobart every 2 years. We happened to be luckily enough to get into the Showgrounds and visit. Mom arrived for a weeks holiday also. ? Cataract gorge, we must of visited here 3 times to donall the walks just loved it. The suspension bridge, old pump house. Then blackberries the kids would pick weekly from the rivers edge in Campbelltown..  Another day with the local tourist guide ?  We visit Oatlands. This town is lovely, clean and friendly. You can visit the working mill. There’s a fantastic free camp here also. The views below are of Swansea. Town is lovely but not much there.  Stephen our tourist guide, showed us around the area. This is the shearing shed. Fleeced , thrown, sorted, packed and ready to go. All the different grades of fleece, wooow Onto Ross, the old bridge is another beauty . The female factory is where female convicts were kept n housed with there children. Extremely sad place, even today to visit its un settleing. The local landscape in January .  Destination Campbelltown. We shall stay with friends, explore the area while the work is at sommercoates cherry farm. The bridge in Campbelltown is beautiful, convict built. Right next to the free camp and walking distance to town. The wooden carvings are amazing you can see many of these around Tasmania. Day sailing ??friends are returning home. Once we boarded we hit deck 10. ? Kids playground, free craft activities, and gaming deck. How good is that ? No need to book a cabin. We did leave 2.5 hours late hence arriving late in Devonport. That’s ok was a beautiful calm scenic trip.