Upgrades on the bus

Upgrades on the bus, new water pump, all new water lines, and an alloy bull bar. Yayyy coolant change that went horribly wrong buy  the professionals ( Isuzu trucks) and a local mechanic (mark) that came to the rescue to fix me…. a service inc  oil✔Oil filters✔ Fuel filters ✔ All this,  what could possibly go wrong? You ask 🤷‍♀️ 2 hrs down the road the bus won’t start after turning off to re fuel.. this didn’t make sense it’s pouring rain and I’m blocking bp driveway for fast flow  😩 Local call out guys in Camperdown vic dont want to assist me, batteries show ok. Hot wire it so I can get it to Warrnambool. get an auto elec out to tell me it’s the circuit breaker in the isolator box, possibly caused from batteries ! 😩 4 new batteries a good haggle with super cheap auto to save $154 on 4 batteries .. no trouble since ! Touch wood ( my head) 🤣🤣I’m thankful this all happened while near townships. And a week later Ive signed up for a new property with acreage / house .. 😲 

House is on the market

my goal was to have the house on the market by Easter. Yes challenge achieved😉👏it wasn’t an easy task doing it by myself. Waiting for a buyer now then we shall be off in our bus again😊 I’m the meantime catching up with friends, being social and freezing in Victoria. Wind, rain & sun all in 1 day. 😱


How life changes in an instant

How life changes in an instant, while waiting for friends in a town I met a lovely man, making plans to go home renovate the house,sell the property & continue to travel , life threw a curve ball! Now additional 2 children . Changes to the bus to accomodate. Buy a bigger car . We are still stuck. How long this will take to sort out, move forward with life together and travel no one knows! How long is a piece of string? Life isn’t easy ATM, it’s a challenge, it’s busy, tiring & unfare! I miss being in my bus so much I feel like I’ve lost a limb. We shall ride this wave let’s hope we don’t get smashed. Stay tuned for some good news.

New heavy vehicle regulations for towing

  • as of 1/9/17 new refs came out for heavy vehicle towing with a 50mm ball, tow vehicle over 5 tonne was downgraded . Unless you change to a 70mm ball, this also includes a new hitch and the tow tongue to be drilled out to fit the 70 mm ball, expense so far $487.00. I have a 3.5 tonne rated trailer, a tow bar rated at 4 tonne, a tow ball rated at 4.5 tonne. And a new hitch rated at 4.5 tonne. Bizarre ? You ask . It sure is , money spinner, attention seeking, trying to get people booked as those that aren’t aware. We didn’t receive any notification about the new regs I was tagged on a fb site by a friend! Yep once again our good old assie attitude has gone! As you can see the before and after pics below . So overkill 

5kw diesel heater

After a lot of thought, I decided we needed a diesel heater. We have 2 roof top reverse cycles &  2 ceramic panel heaters. This is great when you have 240v, free camping or underpowered sites are so good. I purchased a 5kw planner, from Pinnacle Wholesalers, free delivery $870 that included the intake filter. It’s been sitting under my bed all winter.? Finally a friends hubby installed it for me, I’m so thankful and appreciative of there help. It seemed very daunting upon opening the box. As he’s installed 1 before I was confidant he knew what he was doing . Day1) hole cut in floor, heater unit fitted. Day2) the wiring is inplace after crawling under the bus, getting as filthy as can be. Day3) try to tap into bus fuel line, can’t do! Plan B buy an outboard boat motor fuel tank .  Yes all put together and it’s done. Yayyyy ???

Father’s Day for mothers too

Father’s Day for mothers too. Yep that’s right I’m doing the job of both! Be dammed if I’m not going to lap up the extra day of love and extra love attention given ?Father’s Day we decide to join friends and head out to Parrys Creek Farm for lunch and visit other friends working out there. In a round about way we got to Parrys Creek Farm after visiting  Buttons Crosding on Lower Ord River, Mambi Island, a bit of exploring down a 4 wd track till we got back to the river again, 3 hrs later we arrived at Partys Creek  Farm for lunch. Better late than never. Chef did a great job with our meals, swam in the pool, spent time with Stephen ,alice & boys , great Father’s Day had by all ? Parrys Creek Farm accommodates for un powered /powered sites. Cabins. Meals and a bird watches paradise. Highly recommend a visit here just a short drive from Kununurra or Wyndham . On our return trip back to Kununurra we stopped to get photos of a Kimberly burn off, then hit a small bird. 10 minutes longer down the road hit a massive bird the size of a bush turkey, he’s dead too feathers everywhere, my poor car too. Part of the travel I guess. We did see 2 beautiful Brolgas on the side of the hwy, nature at its best today,get out there in the Kimberly’s enjoy the scenery, adventure n lifestyle ??

Discovering places around kununurra

Discovering places around Kununurra! What an amazing week we’ve had. Visits from family for my birthday. Yes im another year older not sure if wiser, that might take a little longer yet ?. A bit of whip cracking happening amongst us at the caravan park, we kept the tourists entertained if nothing else .           Continue reading Discovering places around kununurra

This place just drawers is back.

This place just drawers is back. Lake Argyle! The views, serenity, the size I’m talking about the lake atm. Colours, wind out here. The scale of the dam wall it’s truly woooow factor! Then we have the infinity pool at the caravan park, its to die for literally lol it’s that damn cold I go numb, but it’s awesome to look at, just blends beautifully with the backdrop of the lake. Hope my pictures speak for them selves. Oh   

It’s got to be done. You think you’re shit don’t stink? Think again

Well it’s not all smelling the roses life on the road. You think you’re shit don’t stink? Think again!  It does.. it’s a job that must be done. Emptying the toilet. It’s no fun, it stinks to high heaven. But this mumma has to do it. I do it, don’t grunmble about it. No one to listen, don’t complain no one to care. Just get on with it n empty this damn smelly toilet at least every 5 days.. A dump point is needed I say! Kids start looking for the blue dump point sign. We’ve got to empty this toilet first I say! They agree, it stinks! Remeber the old days the drop toilet? Well this comes a close first too. But we live in a bus so it’s a necessary to have the casssette toilet. I chose the cassette over the black tank for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t want to be carting 100-200L of black waste (shit) around with me. 2) if you can’t get close to a dump point in the bus at least I can take the cassette to it. 3) I don’t have to move the bus every so many weeks if parked up just to empty the toilet.,life of the road it’s not all about living the dream, hey ? ???