This is our old route bus, brought from Grenda’s in Melbourne and converted to a mh on a budget. We are traveling Australia & homeschooling as we go. Sharing wellness. Life still has its challenges. Relationships fall apart, mechanics need fixing and I brake a nail or 2 loading the car on the trailer. ? But I wouldn’t change it for world. What we think is ideal may not be, changes happen, experiments work sometimes, adventure await us. We move to a new location, make new friends, keep in touch with old ones. Learn new skills. We look alternative sometimes other time just dirty. ?? Join us in our journey mom & 2 kids traveling in a bus, sharing Young Living Essential Oils while we travel this great country of ours. You’ll  be amazed as some of the places we see, some we might not want to see again others steal our hearts ♥️.. enjoy the ride as much as we do